Who We Care For

“Dr. Royce and his staff are the absolute best!!! I would not go anywhere else. They are a unique group of professionals that love their work and administer care above and beyond the norm. Highly recommended!!! Thank you so much!”
-John B.


Well Family Chiropractic specializes in pediatric care. Our attention to Pediatric Care is what really sets us apart. We are committed to helping your child have incredible results from difficulty sleeping, dealing with colic, chronic sickness, to sensory and spectrum challenges. Whatever the concern is, we are here to help!

Kids are designed to be healthy, resilient and strong, yet right now we are not seeing that be the case. Currently there are 40% of children that are dealing with chronic health conditions, such as Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Epilepsy. These chronic conditions can begin as a series of early childhood illnesses that traditional medicine might not get a handle on.

Today, parents whose children are struggling with things like constipation, ear infections, colic, sensory issues, allergies, and developmental delays are told, “Don’t worry, they will grow out of it”. Which simply is not true. Without the proper help, we feel that far too many kids will have to struggle and suffer as they “grow into” these chronic health challenges.

The purpose of Well Family Chiropractic is to help as many children as possible be what they were designed to be. Healthy. Each day at our office, we get to help children who are chronically sick, with care, transform right before our very eyes.

Story after story of children experiencing miracles and defying odds, is what motivates us.


We understand the foundation of the entire family’s health is built during pregnancy. There is nothing more important to the health of the family than the journey of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and then the postpartum period.

WFC believes in supporting and empowering women during that journey, relieving tension, anxiety, exhaustion and other health challenges throughout pregnancy.

At Well Family Chiropractic, our focus is to both offer adjustments but to empower as well. Getting chiropractic adjustments during your pregnancy not only reduces tension, but can boost energy, help with baby’s positioning, and to help prepare for childbirth. Our care does not stop when your baby arrives. We will be there as you transition, for both mom and baby.


We see that the “typical” parent experiences burn out, exhaustion, and stress. Our care at Well Family Chiropractic allows parents to get better sleep, have more energy and better emotional well being. The truth is, being a parent is anything but easy.

It is safe to say, us parents are being pulled in a thousand different directions. Always trying to juggle all of our children’s needs, work life, and life at home. This can cause sleep deprivation, low energy, tension, headaches, anxiety and more. With the demands of parenting today, it can seem daunting.

Through regular chiropractic adjustments, we see common changes such as better sleep, more energy, improved emotional balance and health, flexibility and mobility, and more.

A beautiful thing occurs when the parents have greater emotional, mental and physical health, the kids see it too! Kids learn their healthy habits from us parents. If we are constantly stressed out, wound up, and emotionally exhausted, our kids will come to expect this to be their life as well. So by taking care of yourself, your children will follow by example!

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